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Business Valuation in Houston – Get 23 Page Valuation Report

Business Valuation in Houston

What is the most important question every Entrepreneur needs to ask themselves?

“How much is my business worth?”

Business Valuation

How can you get your Business VALUATION in Houston?

With the assistance of your ActionCOACH in Houston, you can now determine the value of your business in less than 10 minutes and get a customized, dynamically driven Valuation Report, including multiple value scenarios and comparative market data.

This 23-page PDF report dynamically generated & customized to each business …

  • Four different valuation estimates representing a range of scenarios
  • Financial summary & assessment relative to industry data
  • Comparative analysis of Income, Cash Flow, Assets, plus other metrics & critical success factors
  • Financial, business and growth characteristics to calculate your business’ value
  • Price includes 2 hour strategic planning session with Bob Keplinger

To find out how much your business is worth,  contact me today!

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