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Are you on track with your annual goals? - ActionCOACH

Are you on track with your annual goals?

2017 is 25% over. If you had goals that you wanted to accomplish by year end, then now is the time to look at Q1 and see where you are.  It’s so easy to be busy, busy, busy working in the business but the only way to accomplish real growth is to plan for it.

I challenge you to set aside 1 hour this week to FOCUS all of that time and effort into working ON your business.  Turn off the phone, shut the door, leave the office – do whatever it is you have to do so you can devote an uninterrupted 60 minutes focused on your business plans.  If you really can’t take an hour, at least take 30 minutes.  Your business is worth the time investment. It will be there when you get back.

Business owners who do this are more successful. Business owners who bring their team in while this process is occurring are even more successful.  You have to plan. You have to measure. THAT’s the secret to success….not executing orders for your customers.

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