Act As If What You Do Makes A Difference—Because It Does

Your strategy should be focused on your management style, your approach to your business, not focused around a product. You can maintain a great business style forever, but let’s face it—almost all products are replaced sooner or later. Nike has a great style that is summed up in three words—Just Do It. Their products change regularly, but their three-word approach to what Nike is all about, that has produced a business sustainability. And that is what the right approach to your business can do for you as well.

Learn to Predict for the Unpredictable

Top performers like to create as much predictability as possible. They are then more able to deal with unpredictability. They do this by getting to know their clients and target markets so they can better predict their customers’ desires. This can be especially helpful when you are launching a new product or penetrating a new territory. The more you know your customers, the better off you are. Tried and true, knowledge IS power.

The Most Important Thing You do as a Leader is Hire the Right People

A paramount purpose of a business is to create a customer that will create customers. And that starts with your employees. Yes, customers are the backbone of any business, but sometimes we forget that it is the employees that bring in those customers. You can have the best product the world has ever seen, but if your employees are not up to par, your customers will slowly but surely fade away, taking their money elsewhere. Great employees create great customers and that creates business stability.

Learn How To Build Consistency in Your Team

A consistent positive outcome for your clients will enable you to increase your base of profitable customers. When clients spend money with you, they expect consistent results, and those results should always bring them back for more. Walk from one end of Disney World’s vast park to the other and you will find the same consistent, positive customer service at every stop—it’s excellence in customer service, and it keeps park goers coming back year after year.

Learn To Be Consistent Manager

Feel the Mission

Your mission statement should spotlight your company’s direct impact on the world, your employees, and your customers. You will have succeeded in shaping the right culture if there is an emotional connection between the company, employees, and customers. Your mission ideology should leave a delicious emotional aftertaste, creating happy employees who want to do everything within their power to ensure that the customers are fully delighted. And customers who feel special will want to experience that again and again. From the company to the customer, everyone wins.

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