500 million people can’t be wasting their time by using LinkedIn, so why do I meet so many business owners who say “I just don’t use it very often”?   Well, if you don’t need leads, new team members, or vendors, then why would you? LinkedIn is the largest business-to-business digital media platform.

LinkedIn is a very “high authority” site in the eyes of Google and that means a lot of people use it and trust it, including Google. So with a little one-time investment of your time spent optimizing your profile, you can rank on page 1 of Google for keywords.

Did you know that having a great profile picture can get you 21x more profile views and 9x more connection requests?

We are passionate about business success so we want to make this type of valuable education affordable and accessible. If you are interested in attending a workshop that will get you the information and training necessary to get into the game then read more. We are going to be conducting our LinkedIn workshop for business owners and professionals. We’re going to help 25 people learn LinkedIn with our in-person event and walk away with invaluable information, such as:

  • To help you understand how to build a professional profile that helps differentiate you and your company from competitors.
  • You’ll leave with an understanding on how to make connections and create warm conversations.
  • You’ll learn what steps to create a keyword optimized “All-Star” profile which will help you get found by interested prospects.
  • Learn how to post and blog for maximum exposure, and how to view performance metrics.
  • Be able to immediately improve your profile before you leave the workshop.

As a special bonus, all attendees who attend the workshop will receive our complete online digital education package for maximizing your LinkedIn marketing. This online package is accessible 24 hours a day and has additional training videos and workbooks to keep you on track and moving forward.  This package is normally valued at $575.00.

Sign up today for $49.99 and start getting noticed in the digital business community. We are in the middle of a digital revolution and there are going to be 2 types of individuals left in the marketplace:   Those who are thriving because they have learned how to make this technology work for them, and those who get left behind.   Which one will you be?

#LinkedIn #LikeaBoss.

Find out more & register HERE.